1. Rachel shares the news that she’s 1 down on Wednesday’s NYTimes crossword puzzle (via The Rachel Maddow Show)

    Rachel shares the news that she’s 1 down on Wednesday’s NYTimes crossword puzzle (via The Rachel Maddow Show)

  2. More evidence that as long as there is capitalism, democracy is a sham.

  3. Go Howard Dean

    • Rachel Maddow: You and I have talked in the past about the strategy for the final vote, and who's going to be put on the spot. If it's a very progressive bill, then conservative Democrats will be facing the choice of whether or not to vote 'no' on health reform in order to seem conservative. If it's a conservative bill, then liberal Democrats will have to decide whether or not they're going to vote 'no' on health reform in order to seem liberal. Which do you think is a better strategic bet for [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid?
    • Howard Dean: You know, I think we should just stop talking about liberal and conservative. What this is about is whether the American people get to make choices or whether politicians and bureaucrats and insurance companies are going to make the choices.
    • --The Rachel Maddow Show, 10/22/09
  4. 36? Ah, but she’s but a baby! Happy Birthday, Rachel!
Happy birthday, boo.

    36? Ah, but she’s but a baby! Happy Birthday, Rachel!


    Happy birthday, boo.

  5. Some other very satisfying thoughts from that excellent article:

    "There is a certain butch attitude that reaches across the divides of sexual orientation and tends to snare women who might otherwise not be interested in lesbianism. The character of Shane on The L Word, though she resisted the idea of being butch, was entirely based on this attitude.

    It’s not about being a Lothario, although that can be part of it. Butchness borrows from masculinity, but it is not necessarily manly. When this masculinity is expressed through a woman’s body, different things happen.

    Hands, for instance, become eroticized. For straight women who might be reading this article and have no idea what I mean, consider the way someone touches you. Consider this: an imprint of a hand on the small of your back, like a promise.

    A butch lesbian, at least in the ideal, is not the best of both worlds, male and female — she is a new world. She is the discovery, every day, of how a woman can be a woman without the trappings of femininity. “


    “Any time a lesbian who does not fit feminine norms makes a splash in the pop culture landscape (and it doesn’t happen too often), it is followed by a mass of handwringing as the media attempts to make sense of why she looks the way she looks.”

    Notes & Queeries: Rachel Maddow, Butch Fatale |

  6. FYI - Maddow’s on Letterman tonight.

    (via fuckyeahrachelmaddow)

  7. Rachel Maddow video: Shepard Fairey: interview with the artist

    Pretty much everything he says totally butters my muffin and I’m too lazy to transcribe. (Check out his web site.)

    EDIT: Ok ok:

    "It is about really showing an individual who doesn‘t have a power of a corporation or any other means than a Xerox machine can make something that affects people that makes them think about things differently.  That is what is important about spreading images and showing the power that one individual with a grassroots effort, you know, can affect people and make them - inspire them to do something and be part of the dialogue."

    "…Public space shouldn‘t just be a one-way dialogue with advertising… there should be room for other forms of expression."

    "…For me, public art isn‘t about some sort of a rebel pose.  It‘s about the idea of communicating with people.  I consider myself a populist artist.  So I‘m trying to reach people through any venue possible."

    "I‘m fighting this basically for not just myself but for the rights of all artists who make grassroots images about for or against leaders that they don‘t have access to having personal portrait sittings with or possibly the financial means to license an image in order to make something that, you know, makes a comment and speaks to the public."

  8. Ana Marie Cox was on again this evening (what’s the path here? frequent guest -> guest host -> own show?) but not until late in this clip. The last 60 seconds of it are a riot. Wanna see Ana blush?

    [ETA 3/16 - replaced the oddly-pumpkinesque MSNBC video with one that has the right content, from YouTube - weird!]

  9. Rachel Maddow on The View (5-Mar-09)

    She’s so chatty and this is such a party! Joy Behar tries to say up front “before we get to the issues” but I’m not sure they ever do? There’s the falling in love story, and there’s the coming out story, and there’s Rachel saying, “when I was little I had long blonde hair,” and Whoopi going, “Me too! Oh my God!”

    Barbara Walters: “Watch out, Rachel,” (points to Whoopi) “she’s about to come out of the closet.”
    Whoopi Goldberg: “Oh, that door’s been open for years…”

    Oh. They do get to talk something political - Republicans’ poll numbers - for about 30 seconds near the end.

  10. FYI


    Rachel Maddow is on the View on Thursday/tomorrow.


  11. Today, the most important thing in Maddow’s life is Mikula, 50, her partner for the past 10 years. They met when Mikula—who is warm, friendly and curvaceous, with vivid green eyes and blond hair—needed a yard boy. Mutual friends recommended Maddow, who was then cleaning out buckets at a coffee-bean factory. When Mikula opened the door of her house near Northampton, Mass., Maddow fell in love instantly: “It was irrational and spiritual and unexpected, and there was a moment where it was like time stopped and it was just like, OK, my whole life is different now.” Their first date was at a shooting range—they fired muskets, pistols and rifles and threw tomahawks. Mikula says Maddow was so “unbelievable” with the AR-15 that people stopped to watch. Today, the couple live in Mikula’s house with their Labrador, Poppy, and Maddow commutes, spending weeknights in Manhattan. She says their relationship “is the thing about which I am most proud and most protective. And if it made sense for my relationship with Susan that I needed to stop being on TV, and stop being on the radio, and go live full time in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and raise chickens, we’d go live in the Upper Peninsula and raise chickens. It’s the single clearest thing in my life.”

    Recently, Mikula, who is also an accountant, has been struggling with whether to become a full-time artist. She was up late a few days ago, talking to Maddow on the phone about her anxieties and fears. Maddow listened, then said: “It’s not about any of that. It’s about the fable you want to write about your own life.”

    Julia Baird, When Left Is Right: Rachel Maddow always thought she was an outsider. How did she become a star? Newsweek, 1-Dec-2008

  12. “LESLEY: Excellent. Rachel, thank you so much. Will you come back again?
    RACHEL: Oh, of course I will. You’re such a good interviewer. I feel like I’m inside out.”

    Lesley Stahl interview with Rachel Maddow, 26-Jan-2009, wherein we find out that Rachel went to the prom with a Marine, and that she’s an overachiever.

    [ETA: It really is an interesting interview, and Lesley’s questions have a really easy, not quite tongue-in-cheek tone to them. Seniority, maybe? ;-)]

  13. Rachel’s guest of honor speech at the ACLU of Wisconsin dinner - 2/21/2009 - part 3/3. In this segment:  wherein she says the words “Unitary Executive.” Yay!

  14. Rachel’s guest of honor speech at the ACLU of Wisconsin dinner - 2/21/2009 - part 2/3. In this segment: “No sangria in Virginia!” (and other fun things).

  15. Rachel’s guest of honor speech at the ACLU of Wisconsin dinner - 2/21/2009 - part 1/3 (incidentally the subject of a later twit regarding midwestern Manhattans)

    In this segment: “liberal carpetbagging agitators!”