1. Rachel Maddow video: Shepard Fairey: interview with the artist

    Pretty much everything he says totally butters my muffin and I’m too lazy to transcribe. (Check out his web site.)

    EDIT: Ok ok:

    "It is about really showing an individual who doesn‘t have a power of a corporation or any other means than a Xerox machine can make something that affects people that makes them think about things differently.  That is what is important about spreading images and showing the power that one individual with a grassroots effort, you know, can affect people and make them - inspire them to do something and be part of the dialogue."

    "…Public space shouldn‘t just be a one-way dialogue with advertising… there should be room for other forms of expression."

    "…For me, public art isn‘t about some sort of a rebel pose.  It‘s about the idea of communicating with people.  I consider myself a populist artist.  So I‘m trying to reach people through any venue possible."

    "I‘m fighting this basically for not just myself but for the rights of all artists who make grassroots images about for or against leaders that they don‘t have access to having personal portrait sittings with or possibly the financial means to license an image in order to make something that, you know, makes a comment and speaks to the public."

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